Appointed Pastors

Darrell Coats, Interim Senior Pastor

Darrell is the interim pastor who will be leading the church as we transition to a new pastor in July 2019. Darrell has the same responsibilities as any regular pastor: preaching, working with the staff and church committees, and taking care of the congregation. In addition, Darrell will be guiding our church through four formative tasks: 1) Identity: who are we as a church? 2) Direction: what is our destination? 3) Leadership: who will lead us there? 4) Connection: what resources are available for our mission?

Darrell enjoys bicycling, laughter, people, prayer, reading, walking, watching sci-fi and westerns, and spending time with his wife and family. He likes studying about astronomy, cosmology, human behavior, neuroscience, and is curious about nearly everything. He also enjoys learning new ways to improve himself and his work.

If Darrell had a super power, it would be humor, because he would be able to make people laugh and laughter is medicine for the soul.


Cindy Palmer, Associate Pastor

On Sundays, Cindy helps with the worship services and occasionally gets to preach. During the week, she is involved with benevolence and membership care ministries, which involves meetings with those coming in to the church seeking financial help and members of the congregation needing emergency assistance. Cindy does pastoral care, along with oversight of the missions program and preschool.

When Cindy is not at work, she likes to work in her yard and house. She likes to read and work on puzzles. If Cindy could live anywhere in the world, she would live in Austria or Switzerland and spend her time spinning on hillsides and singing "The hills are alive..." Contact  .

Chiv In, Associate Pastor

Chiv splits his time between First Methodist Carrollton (quarter-time), the Cambodian United Methodist Fellowship congregation in Carrollton (quarter-time) and overseeing a network of church plants in rural Cambodia (half-time). On Sundays, he helps lead our services and preaches at the Cambodian Fellowship in the afternoons. During the week, he does pastoral care and hospital visits for both Carrollton churches, and he does long distance discipleship training and pastoral care for the churches in Cambodia via phone calls and Skype (at all hours of the night, when necessary!)

When Chiv is not working, he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife Emara and their many children and grandchildren. If Chiv were a dinosaur, he would be a velociraptor because he never slows down and he doesn't take no for an answer. Contact  .


David Bales, Music & Arts Director

In a typical Sunday morning worship service you'll find David leading the music ensembles (band and vocals, choir and orchestra) and he's usually leading worship from the piano. During the week, he rehearses ensembles and plans music and other elements for worship, including writing arrangements for the various ensembles.

When David is not at work (and actually not working away from work), he likes to be with his family, enjoying a card game like UNO or Kittens in a Blender with his daughter Savannah, watching Doctor Who with his son Noah, or cooking with his wife Sarah. If David were an ice cream flavor, he would be Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Therapy, because it's Sarah's favorite. Contact 

Josh Crawford, Youth Pastor

On a typical Sunday, you can find Josh hanging out with students and teaching them about his favorite topic: Jesus. During the week, he oversees the youth programs, prepares lessons, works with parents, and disciples students.

When not at work, Josh likes to write for his blog, draw comic strips, hone his ping pong skills, and constantly listen to podcasts. He's an avid Astros fan and concert goer.  If Josh was an ice cream flavor, he would be Coffee because he's 70% coffee anyways. Contact Josh.

Bonnie Downing, Assistant to the Senior Pastor

During a typical week, Bonnie supports the pastors in whatever they need, keeps the building schedule, maintains the membership and directory system, coordinates kitchen certification and inspection, creates programs for weddings and funerals, and picks up whatever odd jobs need doing.

When Bonnie is away from work, she loves playing with her kids, reading and sewing. She is also currently working toward a Masters of Social Work. If Bonnie had a super power, it would be super speed, because then she could get so much more accomplished every day. Contact Bonnie.

Cindy Johnston, Children's Pastor

On Sundays, Cindy is busy setting up the First Kids Clubhouse to receive the children. You'll also see her helping in the worship service with announcements and scripture reading. During the week, she is busy planning and facilitating events in the children's ministry.

When not at work, Cindy enjoys reading and is an avid Dallas Mavericks fan. She and husband Tim are also grandparents to a sweetheart little girl that is the pride of their lives! If Cindy was an ice cream flavor, she would be Rocky Road, because she is both nutty and sweet!  And who doesn't like chocolate?? Contact

Jenn Magill, Finance Manager

On a typical Sunday, Jenn is managing the nursery classes and the electronic check-in system for kids. She makes sure all the nursery classrooms are staffed and have all the materials (crafts, snacks, teaching supplies) that are needed. During the week, she helps out in the finance department, processing checks and other miscellaneous financial tasks. She also helps out organizing and planning events for the church.

When not at work, Jenn keeps busy with her family. She is married to Chad, and has two children, Kenzie and Mason. Between running carpool, taking kids to their miscellaneous practices, and keeping up with her teenage daughter's social life, she doesn't have a lot of free time. But, she does love to read and find all kinds of new things to craft or cook on Pinterest. If Jenn was an ice cream flavor, she would be Grape Sherbert because she loves almost everything purple, and she is sweet with a small bit of tang. :) Contact .

Dr. Clif Mouser, Outreach Pastor

On Sundays, Clif is part of the Hospitality Team, welcoming folks as they arrive. During the week, Clif leads a Core Group for men and supports the various outreach ministries of First Methodist Carrollton. He is passionate to encourage people in their everyday walk with Jesus. 

When Clif is not at work, he loves to hold his grandsons, shoot clay pigeons, read, and be out on the water if possible. Clif and his wife Dianne have three kids and three grandkids. If Clif had a super power, it would be flying fast so he could cruise over Dallas traffic. Contact .

John Puente, Facilities Director

On weekdays, John gathers his crew on the deck of the USS Sanctuary for the mission profile. We then warp to the target planet and engage the enemy. Using the blended forces of air and ground, we take the objectives. (If you don't speak video-game, John is always fixing the problems, haggling with vendors, and keeping the campus running smoothly.)

When not at work, John is a full time father and husband. He does the honey dos and deals with the kids' issues. Some of them are as clean as a sitcom.  Others are less obvious, like when the 8-year-old throws a fit because they can't figure out the redstone in Minecraft and they come to the Facilities Director dad and then he's on YouTube figuring it out. If John could only use one tool, he would pick his multi-tool. He's fixed more things with a $60 multi-tool from Lowe's than with an entire tool box full of tools. Contact

Dedra Rainey, Children's Fine Arts Director

During a typical week, Dedra can be found singing and dancing with preschool and elementary-aged children. She teaches them a variety of songs - some just for fun and some to sing in church. During the summer, she gets to help with Vacation Bible School and leads WACKY Camp (Worship Arts Camp for Kids, Y'all!).   

When Dedra is not at work, she homeschools her four children and has an embroidery business she runs out of her home. In her "spare" time, she loves to spend time with her husband Doyen and their kids, read, sing, act and go on the occasional run. If Dedra had a super power, it would be replication. Then she could be in more than one place at a time. Talk about multi-tasking! Contact

Lauren Shirley, Communications Director

On a typical Sunday, Lauren is the service producer. She coordinates details with the pastors, oversees the tech team, and assists the worship team with anything except actually creating music. During the week, she maintains the tech equipment, manages the website, social media, and print production, wrangles the copier and cutter, oversees marketing and design for upcoming events, and occasionally dabbles in video editing and stage design.

When not at work, Lauren likes to read and write, attempts to keep her garden alive, and cheers on the Texas Rangers. She enjoys coordinating classes for Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. If Lauren were a dinosaur, she would be a pterodactyl because flying is more fun than being eaten. Contact Lauren.