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Day of Prayer
Posted by Dr. John Allen, Lead Pastor on

Dear friends,The events of the past few days in Washington D.C. have highlighted the growing division in our nation. As one national leader stated this week, “The State of the Union is fragile.” Public leaders from every ideological, as well as Christian, perspective have weighed in...

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Experiencing True Worship
Posted by David Bales on

  Many people have expressed appreciation for the music in worship on November 10. It was very moving to be led by 66 voices and an 18-member orchestra. It was wonderful. I want to thank the many people who made it all happen. Oscar (on our facilities team) deserves a special shout out. It...

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Thank you from Hope Women's Center!
Posted by Caryn Bruce on

THANK YOU ALL!  The staff and volunteers of Hope Women’s Center would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the congregation of First Church Carrollton for your participation in this year’s baby bottle campaign. First Church was able to raise over $2000 to support Hope...

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Youth Summer Camp 2015
Posted by Caroline Burchett on

It's been about one week since the youth got back from summer camp. During our time at Sky Ranch, it became clear that we were encountering a mountaintop experience. Just like Peter, James, and John in Matthew 17, we were seeing Jesus in a different light, a light we had never seen before...

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Posted by Bonnie Downing on

Did you know about our new kids' clothes closet? KidSwap is in room E108, and we have clothes, shoes, toys, bedding, and equipment for babies and kids - come get what you need and swap what your kids have outgrown! Volunteers to help organize during the week and donations of disposable diapers...

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College Care Packages
Posted by Nancy Golden on

Hi! I'm Nancy Golden, director of Pursuit - our Young Adults Ministry here at First Church. According to Sticky Faith, an organization created to help set students on a trajectory of lifelong faith and service, college students who have contact with their former youth leaders and adults from...

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Modern Day Slavery: Now What?
Posted by Meagan Jackson on

Leaving the Modern Day Slavery event on Saturday, April 18, I came home ready to write a piece to share my thoughts and experiences. However, I came home to a busy house and was unable to sit and put all my thoughts on paper. So I have been marinating in my experience, marinating in the statics...