Our Missionaries

Heart for Cambodia - Chiv & Emara In

After escaping the Khmer Rouge and emigrating to the United States, Chiv In never planned to return to Cambodia. However, the Lord had other plans, and He has led Chiv and Emara to be instrumental in the founding of seven churches in Cambodia. Chiv and Emara make regular trips to Cambodia to disciple a growing number of disciples and to share the life-changing message of Jesus.


Charles & Becky Jackson - Generous Hands Ministries, Inc.

The primary focus of Generous Hands Ministries, Inc is to lift up and proclaim the message of what God the Father has done through His son Christ Jesus. We do this through providing food, medicine and prayer for the hungry and those in need of medical assistance. In conjunction with these projects we teach, preach and disciple. We also look for ways that will enable these people to be self supporting (micro loan and economic development). Our vision is to be more involved with development than with relief but we realize that there are certain circumstances where relief is the necessary first response. Our goal in each of these fields is for the people to become self supportive. Currently, Generous Hands is involved in projects in Brazil and the Philippines. 


Liz Jackson - Generous Hands Ministries, Inc.

Liz serves under Generous Hands Ministries and is working with Knox United Methodist Church in Manila, The Philippines. Her responsibilities include teaching some English classes and coaching basketball for Bethel Knox School, which is a non-profit outreach academy. She also helps with the outreach ministry to homeless children. 



Bridges International - Bob & Ann Rosser

Bridges International Development is a Christian non-profit organization working to win the heart of Africa for Jesus Christ by training peasant pastors, training women in scriptural discipleship and assisting vulnerable and abused children. More than 1,400 pastors have been trained through the Morell School, established by Dr. Paul Morell, former pastor of First Methodist Carrollton. Bridges has established various economic development projects such as milk goats, chickens, bee keeping, soap making, and rabbits.


Nathan & Lori Sorrel - Cru

Lori and Nathan serve among international students in Denver, Colorado. They are on staff with Bridges, a ministry of Cru to international students.




David & Elizabeth Warner - Mercy Ships

David Warner serves in Mercy Ships' Gateway Program, training all staff joining the ministry for more than nine months. David helps organize, develop and facilitate the manuals, finances and transportation for the program.




Russ Wise - Christian Information Ministries

Russ’s underlying mission is to inform, teach, and equip the body of Christ. He desires to help Christians develop a biblical worldview by relating the Word of God in their everyday lives—especially regarding the teachings of the cultist. Russ has a strong desire to help the believer withstand the deception of those who teach false doctrine and prevent the Christian from falling prey to the deception that waits to ensnare them.


One other family in a closed country

 We can't publicly share their identities to protect them and the people they work with, but God is using them in great ways to bring people to Himself, even in areas where the Gospel is not allowed to be proclaimed.