Music & Arts

If you have a heart for serving in music and the arts, you can fill out an application here.

God has blessed First Methodist Carrollton with talented musicians and artists who love Jesus and offer their music and art in service to Him in our worship services, our community, and overseas. In our worship services, we sing new worship songs and regularly include familiar hymns that communicate our love for God and His message of salvation.

We choose to worship together with diverse musical styles. The music we use is more than just entertainment; it is a vital way in which we encounter and hear God. On any given Sunday, we may be worshiping with music written by J.S. Bach or Antonio Vivaldi, singing the profound lyrics of hymns by Charles Wesley or Isaac Watts, or learning a new song written by a modern songwriter like Chris Tomlin or Joel Houston.

We also believe that God has called us to use visual art and design, dance, poetry readings and drama to communicate the message of His great love and grace that is extended to those of us who believe and those who have not yet heard. You won't find all of these expressions included in worship every week. We include various elements as God leads our creative and worship planning teams and as He provides members who are called and gifted in the various disciplines.

Whether we're using music and visual arts or poetry and dance, you can always count on one thing - it’s always about Jesus. Regardless of the style or form that may be used on any given week, we are committed to creating an atmosphere that is engaging, life-giving, and open to all.

Worship Production Team

Another facet of the music and arts ministry is the worship production team. This group's purpose is to create a distraction-free environment for corporate worship and to support the pastor's message. There are always opportunities to train individuals to serve in this area. Contact Lauren Shirley if you are interested.

  • Live Event Producer
  • Front of House (FOH) Sound Engineer
  • Sound Assistant
  • Lighting Tech
  • ProPresenter Operators (for slideshow and video playback)
  • Stage Design & Construction
  • Photographer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Video Editor
  • Social Media