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Health and Wellness

Richard Ramos will be implementing a health and wellness program at First Church as part of his project thesis as he completes a Doctor of Ministry program at Perkins School of Theology.

A Call to Healthy Living

Unfortunately it has become increasingly evident that innumerable churches have a clear disconnect between their theology of stewardship and health and wellness. Churches today seem to offer much in regards to healing ministries, but typically give much less attention to providing resources and support for the health and wellness of their congregation members. There is often a culture of healing to be found in many churches, but rarely will you find a culture of health and wellness. Various medical and health resources confirm that many of the deadly diseases of today are preventable, and I believe that the church needs to respond intentionally with a more holistic approach in order to arrest these health problems which are causing so much suffering, pain and costly consequences within our families.

I believe that all healing as well as health and wellness are a gift from God; whether it be through supernatural, natural or medical means. God is giving us an opportunity to exercise our faith through the use of science for healing and wellness, since medical science is also a gift from God. Many spirit-filled Christians are guilty of not taking care of their bodies very well, in spite of the Scriptural reminder that Jesus bought our body with a huge price. Scores of Christians still suffer from preventable diseases and unfortunately many of them pay the price of painful and costly suffering and eventually die in spite of the many prayers which have been offered for their healing. God wants the best for us, but He will respect our will and the decisions we make regarding how we take care of our bodies. So, let us take action to experience God’s healing and wholeness. Let us pray and work together in establishing a ministry of holistic healing and wellness in our community to honor and lift up the name of the Lord!

About Richard Ramos

Richard is originally from the Philippines where he earned both his Bachelor of Science in Commerce with a focus on Computer Science and his Master of Divinity degree. Afterwards, he was given the opportunity to study in South Korea and earned a Master of Theology majoring in Christian education. With God's grace and favor, he was offered and completed a Master of Theological Studies at SMU-Perkins in Dallas, Texas, and he completed his doctorate, also at SMU-Perkins, in May 2016.

Richard has served churches in the Philippines, South Korea and in the United States in many different capacities. In 2001, he was ordained in the United Methodist Church in the Philippines. Richard is also currently employed with the American Heart/Stroke Association. He is married to his beautiful wife Eva, who is a deaconess in the Philippines. She works as a preschool/kindergarten teacher at Highland Park United Methodist Church. Richard and Eva are blessed with two lovely children: a son (John Reeve, 10) and a daughter (Vea, 4).

Richard's Testimony

Several years ago, I suffered from very high blood pressure and high cholesterol even though my weight and blood glucose looked perfect. I didn't realize I had serious health issues until I started to feel constant discomfort, especially dizziness, and began experiencing a heavy feeling. My doctor told me that if these health problems were left untreated, sooner or later they would lead to heart disease/attack, stroke, kidney damage and other cardiovascular problems, and I would have to take medications for the rest of my life. He advised me to eat a healthy diet and to engage regularly in physical activity. Honestly, I took the doctor’s warning as a warning from God. It really scared me and caused me to start praying fervently. I had questions in my mind as to why these things were happening to me since I pray, worship and read my Bible daily; I am engaged in mission work, never smoke nor drink alcohol and have no family history of these types of health problems. But during my prayer time, the Spirit of God impressed on my heart that I had a very undisciplined lifestyle regarding my food consumption and I was also physically inactive. I was not protecting and keeping His temple (my body) well; I was even abusing it.

I repented and told God that I do not want to suffer from all of these diseases and I don’t want to have to take medications for the rest of my life. I asked God for healing and for the gift of good health. I expressed my desire to God that I want to live a long and healthy life. Praise be to God! Since then, all of my health data looks great and I have never needed long-term medication. I believe God's best for us is that we all become both spiritually and physically healthy, but it takes knowledge, discipline and responsibility.

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