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Published April 16, 2014 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

The End Is In Sight

As I mentioned in yesterday’s devotion, so much was going on in Jesus’ life on Tuesday and Wednesday… Religious authorities were confronting Him, trying to expose Him to the people, and when that failed, they bargained with Judas to betray Jesus.  All that time, Jesus continued to teach in stories and parables, warning the listeners of the coming judgment and teaching them the nature of the Kingdom of God and the true nature of those who were really part of the Kingdom.

Read Matthew 25:1 – 26:2

The end was in sight… Jesus told them He would be crucified… It is at this point that a diary of Jesus’ personal thoughts would be so helpful to us all these years later…when Thursday arrives, the day the Passover meal is celebrated, we will hear of His care and concern for the disciples and of His confidence in the Father, yet His thought content remains mostly an unknown to us.  Somehow in the those hours, He is preparing to be obedient to the Father, resisting the human temptations of Satan to flee, to save His life until another day… His focus is on following the Father’s will for His life. How did He do it? I wished I really knew because after all, don’t we all need that answer every day? What do you think about when the way you are walking is painful, with painful choices?

We don’t know the innermost personal thought of Jesus…but we do know they enabled Him to be faithful. How do you think, act, and trust in a particular way in order to be faithful? That, we can know…



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