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Published April 14, 2010 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

Here are some prayer requests submitted by Russ Wise for our Missions Potluck in March:

1. Pray for my ability to discerningly respond to those who ask me to help them deal with potential deception in either their lives or the life of their family.

2. Pray with me that those who find my articles on the web will be blessed by the information they find and where appropriate they will find the material useful in helping others recognize the pit falls of false/deceptive teachings.

3. Pray for those whom I am currently ministering to on the web who are seeking spiritual direction regarding their lives. (Teresa, Greg, and Prudence)

4. Pray that I will have adequate blocks of time to write on topics negatively affecting the body of Christ. (Yoga, Spiritual Deception, and issues related to Islam)

5. Pray for the Lord’s leading regarding my responses to those who seek my help through email or through personal contact.

6. Pray for the potential translation of several of my articles into Urdu.

7. Pray that I will continue to have God’s protection as I read/study deceptive teachings so I may rightly discern and offer a biblical response to their error.

8. Pray that our Lord would use my articles/writings on the web to bring others to Himself, so they might be free of bondage and spiritual deception.


Thank you for praying for these concerns regarding my outreach to those who seek an answer to the spiritual distress and fear they often feel in their lives. I appreciate your remembering me as I seek God’s direction in answering those with questions about their faith walk.

Russ Wise

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