Cambodia Update 2

Greetings all!

We arrived safely Wednesday evening and spent at night Kimleng’s parents. The next morning we purchased school supplies in Phnom Penh including two white boards and curriculum. We also bought mosquito nets that we dropped off at a village near Battambang. This village has a small church that the groups usually visit to encourage the pastor. We stopped and spoke to about 30 people. We also passed out clothing to the children. We arrived in Battambang Thursday evening where we were met by the church leaders of the FUMC O-Khmom village. We enjoyed dinner together and heard three of their testimonies. They stayed at the hotel with us all.

Friday morning we all headed to the prison in Battambang that has men, women, and children. About 160 people came for the service. Some of the prisoners had been trained to play guitars and sing praise songs, and the music was beautiful. After Chiv and Nathan shared the gospel, about 82 people made commitments! Chiv asked for water and was given a 5-gallon bucket for baptizing. Each person that came to hear was given a small bag that contained soap, towel, bread, and New Testament. Emara and Marian shared briefly with the women and passed out crosses they could use as bookmarks. A local pastor will continue with follow up.

The afternoon was spent visiting a pig farm that will be a model for the one to be built soon in the O-Khmom village. The pig farm will supplement income for the church and its members. The rest of the day was spent with the FUMC O-Khmom leaders training in discipleship, packing school supplies, and enjoying fellowship.

Tomorrow we dedicate the new church building in Koun Domrey and continue training of the O-Khmom leaders. We are grateful for the pleasant weather so far. Pray for God to be glorified in each encounter. We are blessed by the body of Christ that is with us here in Spirit and by the joy of the O-Khmom leaders as they serve Him.

By His grace,
Chiv, Emara, Nathan & Marian

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