Quick Update from Cambodia

Published October 19, 2011 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

We received a quick note from Sharon today. Chiv and the beginnings of the Cambodia team left this past weekend to start our church’s relay trip over there. We will have people on the ground from our church for six weeks in a row! Read on and stay tuned:

“Chiv called this evening to let us know they got there safely and had a
nights rest.  It was dry when when they arrived and saw only a few puddles
on the way to their hotel.  Cambodia has been having some record flooding,
so we need to keep praying for the weather, that they will be able to go
into the villages when it is time.”

For those of you that may not know, the majority of our church’s ministry in Cambodia is out in the country, in small villages. The roads to these places are mostly dirt and can become unpassable due to rain. Continue to keep the group in your prayers!

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