Update from Sharon Roelke

Please read the update below from Sharon:

“We arrived in Siem Reap and God is continuing to do amazing things!! We stopped in Saruns village on the way to share the gospel; he thought we might have 50 people but ended up with over 100. It was down a smaller dirt track than other villages.

“We shared the gospel in small groups with salvation necklaces and with a separate group for children.  In many of the places the adult small groups are having very good questions with people truly seeking to understand. When we got back together as a big group we asked who wanted to accept Jesus and be baptized, 52 people came forward, mostly children.  But with the deep Buddhist roots… even Saruns sisters are Buddhist nuns its not surprising. Sarun stayed there and will continue to teach them.

“We are done with the planned ministry. We counted 114 baptisms for our group, 270 total for Chiv & Emara.  Pray for Chiv as he seems very tired today and pray for the leaders in Svey Cheah. All the team is doing well, stepping right in to be a part of the ministry, it truly has been a team effort.  The motto has been “God is good, all the time, all the time, God is good”! And it’s been so true. Keep praying for us always, but special prayers while in Siem Reap.”

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