Saturday India Update

Published October 8, 2011 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

It is morning here in India and once again the electric is out in our hotel room, the funny part is Charles and Geoff’s room always seems have it when the rest are out. It is amazing how we can get an internet connection but no lights or fan. We had services last night and more people than the night before. They had a special guest, a police chief from another city who use to be a faithful hindu but discovered the love of Jesus. He is gifted in music and using it for the Lord, so he sang and gave testimony wewhich was really a blessing but it went on for over an hour and half the bug population of India was swarming all around us. Dave and I were a little afraid to open our mouths to speak because a bug might fly in, we had to swat and smash them from getting into our shirts while sitting on stage. We could laugh later.  after all the music and testimony i only shared a greeting. We then took the children inside for some fun and teaching, we had over 80! But they were a rowdy and rougher group than the night before, when we handed out salvation necklaces to those that didnt get them the night before, they were hiding them and asking for more. It was pandemonium when we handed out candy. Dave said his sharing went well, God is in charge. There were many people there last night for the meal, it might be their only for the day or even week. 

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