Tuesday India Update

Yesterday we spent the day at My Fathers House, what a blessing to see it in person.  There is lots of work going on there in preparation for a concrete roof being poured on Thursday.  Kas cooked both our meals out there with some help from us.  We all did work on the wall and mostly due to the efforts of the natives got a fair amount accomplished.  We will work again on Friday, when we plan to start earlyin the morning.  I can honestly say it was the hottest, tiredest and dirtiest I have felt.  What a blessing to get back to our hotel where they turned our air on ahead of time and the most wonderful shower I have ever taken.  The hotel has rolling blackouts but thankfully they didn’t have one till this morning.  I am attaching a couple of pictures.  We will travel to Nellore today, after breakfast at My Fathers House and then be meeting with the pastors group this evening.  Pray for our travel, protection for stuff left at My Fathers House and then our time with the pastors this evening and tomorrow.  All are doing well in this oppressive heat, Jacksons bought a coffee pot so we have or morning caffeine.  Blessings Sharon 

India Mission 1 - My Father's House

India Mission 2 - My Father's House

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