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Published March 24, 2011 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

Reporting on answered prayers during the trip to England. Answers are below bolded.

Prayer Directives for England “TOGETHER Mission”

Thank you for praying for us on our mission trip. Here is how God answered your prayers!

We are traveling in two groups. Pray that we both arrive safely and on time. The group traveling through Atlanta has a 50 minute layover to get to their connecting flight to Manchester. This includes: Keva, Chris, Cindy, Anna, Ashton, Amy, Liz, Carson, Robert, Steven, Michael and Connor. Please pray there will be no delays and that all of our luggage arrives when we do. We all arrived safely, on time and with all of our luggage.

Health and safety during the trip – we have a few who are not feeling well now. Also pray for Keva’s stamina – that she does not overdo. Overall, we were pretty healthy. As the week wore on the kids started getting sick, but we all made it home. Please pray for Steven (Cookie). He has been running a fever and has still not returned to school. Keva did amazing. It was great having Cindy so she could relax and hand over many things. Please continue to pray for complete healing.

Clear direction on when to use which testimony where. God chose who He wanted to speak and where. The kids volunteered to share testimonies throughout the week and every time there message was right what God intended.

Ministry in school assemblies – that the eyes of the students will be open to see the truth. We are not allowed to be evangelical in our presentation. Pray that they will see Jesus in our team and desire to seek Him out. We were able to share freely about our faith in all of the schools. My prayer is that our song, “I’ve Got Joy” will settle in their hearts so the Holy Spirit can use it to draw them to Christ.

Ministry in Girl’s clubs – We will be allowed to present the Gospel story with these groups. Pray that many may come to a saving relationship with Christ. Every child got a salvation bracelet where the bead colors share the salvation story. Pray that the children will remember what each colors means and that the Holy Spirit will use this tool to bring many to a saving relationship with Christ.

Attendance on Friday night event for children and youth (separate events). These will be more evangelical opportunities. We had a great crowd of kids. The youth showed up with 16 (more than our 11) and seemed to have a good time together. Connor shared openly that they needed Jesus more than what the world can offer. Pray that our youth will be able to maintain contact with their youth via facebook to continue to witness to them. Pray for Danny and Callum to continue coming to church. Last Sunday was their first time ever to attend a service.

Bless our hosts and hostesses for housing us and feeding us during our stay. We could not have been more blessed by these wonderful people. They fed us and loved on us greatly. Pray that they will continue to be blessed by our time together as we all miss them dearly!

Ministry at the Lighthouse for Homelessness – that we can share God’s love. This was an amazing evening as the men shared their stories. Many are recovering alcohol and drug users and new believers. I think this evening was the favorite of many of our youth. Some of our guys prayed with Robert (one of the young men) and he has lost his craving for alcohol! Praise God!

Traveling mercies throughout the UK: London, York, Chatsworth and Epworth. We were blessed by good weather (except our foggy trip to Wentworth, but that was a typical English day.) We had good travels and two beautiful days for touring. No rain!

Unity of the US and English teams as we work together. This was almost instantaneous. It was like we had known them for years. It was wonderful to worship together.

That we would all be open to hearing from God and be flexible as our schedule changes. We had no problems making adjustments throughout the week as far as our schedule. God orchestrated everything perfectly of course!

That we would all be a good witness from the minute we enter the airport until the arrive safely back to our homes. I wish you could have seen our kids in action. We NEVER had to say anything to them or correct them. They were willing to do anything we asked and they really blessed our hosts.

Prayer for our families that we left behind. I haven’t heard of anything happening back at home, so God kept them all safe (especially Dana’s family who were in different places all week!

Re-entry into the US when we return, especially the first week back. We all miss our friends and our tea times together. The kids are having difficulty being back in school but are adjusting.


Pray that we will continue to pray for the people of England to return to God, especially the young adults. Pray that the church will be willing to change some of the ways they do church to draw them in. Also pray that the English people will feel more comfortable sharing their faith. They were all amazed at how easily our youth shared their faith so openly. Faith there is a very personal thing.


Thanks again for all your prayers! We couldn’t have done this without you. We were able to minister to @1,200 children, men and women.


Blessings, Dana

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