England Update 5

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Today we did another public school. The year 5 (8 year olds) teacher had really prepared her class before we arrived. They had their atlas out with the map of the US on their desks and the smartboard had a map of the state of Texas!! Each child had prepared 5 questions to ask us. That was very fun!!!

Afterwards we moved into their assembly room and we shared our reader’s theatre, taught them the “I’ve Got Joy” song and shared a little about what life is like to a Christian in America.

We returned to the church where we helped with the “Sonshine Corner – Mums & Tots” group. Cindy had a dog puppet named Checkers who helped her share about Jesus. We played with the little ones and learned a song. The children were ages 1 year to age 3. Many of the mums are not churched, so it was good to share about Jesus with them. The Sonshine Corner meets on Thur and Fri so will do the same with a different group tomorrow.

This afternoon we visited Epworth, the childhood home of John and Charles Wesley!!!! The adults enjoyed this trip, but I’m not sure the youth appreciated it as much as we did! We saw their home, the Anglican church where Samuel (father) was rector and several outside places where John preached.

Tonight was two groups of girls clubs called Girls Brigade. We made salvation bracelets with the younger girls, played games and Ms. Cindy showed a 10 min video on Zaccheus. Amy shared with them about when she asked Jesus into her heart. The best part of the night for me was when the girls started singing the “I’ve Got Joy” song on their own before the meeting started. Many of the children we saw had been in the local schools. That was exactly what I have been praying. I wanted that song to be in their hearts so God could use it and He is!!

The older girls came later and our youth taught them their “keys” game to help break the ice. The youth then shared how they share their faith in their schools and what God is teaching them now. Then the British girls taught our youth one of the games they play.

Tomorrow we will be returning to one of the schools we visited earlier in the week. We will be in the year 5 and year 4 classes and talk about the mission trips our youth have been on.

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