Seeing God in England

Published July 6, 2011 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

            The hand of the Lord was so evident throughout the entire trip to England, that it is difficult for me to point out one specific experience that stands out above the others. God really gave me His heart for the youth there and so before going on the trip, I felt like He had already stirred their hearts to be able to receive the gospel. When we first arrived, it was hard to keep that in mind because the congregation was filled with people who were elderly; seventy years old and older. What I thought would happen was we would attend some high schools, share our testimony, and God would lead these people into salvation. What I had to be reminded of was my thoughts were not His thoughts and my ways are not His ways. Instead one of the things we did was share our testimonies with the elders in the church and communed with them. In this fellowship I learned so much about their hearts and how they demonstrated their servant hood. Our ability to share the story God had given to us for them turned out to be a bigger blessing to them than I could have ever imagined. The first night we were there we were able to lead worship and share testimonies where the Holy Spirit descended upon everyone gathered there. It was so much so that the people in the congregation were crying and were astonished to see youth our age having such hearts for God. They had never seen someone so open with their faith because of their calloused society to the gospel. They had never seen youth worshiping God with such passion. To just come and save the youth was not enough for the kingdom of God. Instead God is awakening and calling the church for the purpose of the body to come together as one. For the elderly to see young people living out the hope of their calling to the fullness was for them to see the vision of God’s heart. With us coming to their church, they were able to envision what the future of their church might be like. Although there is much to be done in the church, it’s amazing to see the power of God bridge the gap; a love that will not be hindered by a generational gap that separates the church. It’s easy enough to wonder why there are no youth in their church, but for them it’s harder to see the church in America with all ages together but yet so separated. They earnestly want youth to be in the church, but with their society being as it is, its only God’s blessing that will bring them in. We got a taste of this on Friday when unchurched people from the community came to the church. The Lord planted a seed in their hearts, which He will water in season.

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