Baseball Camp Day 1

Published July 25, 2016 by First Methodist Carrollton in 


We had a beautiful day today: some sun, cloudy at times, and in the 70s. After the camp ended for today then it started raining some. Overall it sounds like all the teams have started off good. There are three people who have vision disabilities. One was on Ludger’s team last year and has come again this year. Several teams, mine included, have several youth who openly say they aren’t Christian. One boy on my team said if he thought there was a God he would be mad at him because of his brother being in the hospital. I don’t know anything more. We read about the prodigal son. That boy said he can identify with the older son. 

Tomorrow after the camp ends we will have a worship service. 

Please pray for continued good weather, that people will be receptive during the Bible studies, for protection from injuries as we play, and for seeds to be planted.



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