Baseball Camp Day 2

Published July 27, 2016 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

We had a good day at the baseball camp. It was mostly cloudy and around 70. In the late afternoon we had very light rain that was just enough to make things damp. One of the Germans said this evening that someone from town was asking how much rain we had at the camp because there was a lot in town. This sounds similar to 2008. Ask us when we are back home if you don’t recall that story. 

Overall it seems like it was a good day. There was 1 practice time with just our teams and 3 practice games. I think the worship service went well. There were a lot more youth that stayed today than yesterday. One of the people from Maryland shared a brief testimony. 

My Bible study times haven’t gone as well today, especially in the afternoon. There were 4 or 5 youth (out of 12 on my team) that were having their own conversations and doing things to joke around. It seems hard to engage them today. This morning the testimony of Zack Smith (from the I’m Second website) was shared. One person said it’s just a story. Ludger said he heard some on my team this afternoon making not so nice comments about others on my team. 

Tomorrow I plan on talking with my team about how we need to be respectful and courteous of others both on our team an on other teams. 

There is a chance of rain the rest of the week still. Please continue to pray for the weather, for no serious injuries, and for seeds to be planted (that was part of the verses in the Bible study today). Please pray the German leaders on my team and I can find ways to engage our team during Bible study. 

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