Baseball Camp Day 3

We had another good day at the baseball camp. It continued to be mostly cloudy and around 70. When we finished and most of the youth had left, it started raining. We did 3 practice games again. It seems like overall they went well from what the other team leaders said. 

For my team’s Bible studies, it seemed to go better. Two of the leadership have been rotating teams at Bible study time and joined my team in the morning. I think that helped. One of them commented about only 1 person talking at a time so everyone can hear what is being said. I think that was nicely added to our discussion and is part of what I thought needed to be brought up but wasn’t sure how to. The afternoon Bible study went better too. 

This morning I will primarily be leading it. I talked with one of my German leaders about trying to translate more as things are being said so I can try to help more with discussion during the Bible studies. Today we talk about how to read the Bible. It will have to be changed since only maybe 2 of 9 players on my team are Christian. The others don’t seem to have much interest. But several have been there in the last few years and keep coming back. 

Thursday starts off with sunshine here. This evening is another worship service. I’m not sure who will be sharing a testimony. After the service the Americans will play a game against the Shoreliners (the baseball team in town). A lot of the Shoreliners also participate in the camp. 

Please continue to pray for good weather, good sportsmanship and teamwork, for the Bible studies, and for seeds to be planted. 




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