Update from the Aurich, Germany Team! – Monday

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Below is Dabney’s update from Monday for the team that is currently in Germany doing baseball camps and evangelism. See the previous post for Sunday’s update.


We had a great first day of camp today. We have 10 baseball teams this year, which is one more than last year. The teams this year are Mariners, Diamondbacks, Padres, Astros, Dodgers, Nationals, White Sox, Tigers, Longhorns, Aggies, and Pirates (service team). It’s expected that we will have about 150 people counting the German and American leaders. Our daily schedule is basically: stretching, baseball station, Bible study, baseball station, lunch & rest time, baseball station, Bible study, and baseball station. The camp is from 9:30a-4pm. The worship music and worship services start around 4:15-4:30pm. I am on the Aggies (this is the only week I’ll be saying “Gig em Aggies” LOL). There are 12 people on my team. We have two people new to the baseball camp this year. The others have been to at least one camp before. Ben Segars is also on my team. Frauke Bekaan who visited Texas during June and July is the translator for my team. We also have a German team leader. My team has shown some good baseball skills, especially our two new girls for it being their first day. I think several on my team are Christians.
During the Bible study today, we were talking about how God created everything and if we thought something like the big bang theory was possible. An analogy that was used is if a box of Legos were dumped out, would you get a car? During the second Bible study time, one of the girls on my team started a discussion about different ways that we see God’s creation. Some ways that people said are through science, looking at ourselves (humans), and nature.
After the camp ended, there was a time of worship music and one of the youth from Maryland giving his testimony. We had great weather with lots of sun and in the 80s. In the afternoon right as our second Bible study time was starting, it began to rain. The rain ended when our Bible study did. We had clouds and cooler weather as we ended up the day with our last baseball station. It looks like we will have about the same weather for the next two days.
Please be in prayer for continued good weather, for us continuing to build close relationships with our teams, for no serious injuries, and for the Bible study times. The German leader on my team is named Michael. He shared in Bible study that his girlfriend is not a Christian. He thought she would be able to attend the camp but something came up and she’s not able to. Please pray that he’ll be able to show her God’s love. Attached are three pictures from today: one during a baseball station, one from my team’s Bible morning Bible study, and one of my team doing our team cheer. 
Aurich - Monday 7-29
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