Update from the Aurich, Germany Team! – Tuesday

Update from Dabney and Ludger Grewe on Tuesday (second day of baseball camps) in Aurich, Germany. See the previous two days’ updates below.

We had another great day today. The weather was cooler with more wind and clouds than yesterday. Most of you know how cool I can get so the big question was sweatshirt on? sweatshirt off? sweatshirt on? etc. 🙂 We had some rain again but really only during the Bible study periods. It sprinkled some in the afternoon but not enough to make us stop playing ball. We got two new players on my team. One I remember from the camp last year.

We started our first scrimmage games today and had two very good games. My team played the teams of Mark Scarborough (Diamondbacks) and Michael Bass (Astros). Both teams were fun to play against. During our Bible study, we talked about the fall of man and how God is still close to us even though we disobeyed and drew away from him. During our second Bible study period, we had two different youth that talked about different ways they have seen God close to them in their lives.

Tomorrow we will have two more scrimmage games and worship music/youth testimony time after the camp ends. Our tournament starts on Thursday. So far, one boy has broken a finger but I haven’t heard of any other big injuries. Please be in prayer for Michael who is the German team leader for my team. His girlfriend, Annika, isn’t a Christian. I also found out at the evening worship service that a youth named Jerry, has a girlfriend named Sandra who isn’t a Christian. She was at the worship service with him this evening. Please pray that both of these young men can be examples and show Christ’s love to their girlfriends. I’ve attached a few pictures from today. 

[From Ludger]
I am responsible as a Pirate for taking care of the new kids in all of the teams, explaining the rules at the baseball stations. Furthermore we look for exceptional behavior, such as sportsmanship, how they integrate the new kids, how they respect the other team members and how they open up themselves at the Bible studies. Today I was so surprised that a whole team of the Tigers were talking about their religious belief, about how they grew up and how they experienced grief. All of them including the majority of non-Christians talked about the hardest moments of their life, when family members died or relatives were fighting against cancer. There were some participants who said the only time they experienced and still experience the Lord in their life only when they are at this Baseball camp. I was so puzzled that I couldn’t close the studies and the German team leader had to do that.
I talked about these experiences later with one of the German leaders and I think it’s again a sign for us to go on with emphasizing on our mission.

I heard from other Pirates this evening that similar things happened in other groups that a lot of the non-Christians started to think about their lives and their relationship to God. Let’s see what happens until Friday. HE is among us and something SPECIAL is happening here. I feel it.



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