Update from the Aurich, Germany Team! – Wednesday

Wednesday’s update from Dabney:


We had another great day playing baseball and sharing Jesus today. The weather was perfect! Sunshine and no rain. We had a nice breeze so it didn’t get hot. In fact, I was cool part of the day. We had time for baseball practice twice, the two Bible studies, and two scrimmage games. Both of the scrimmage games my team played went well.

We had good discussions again in my Bible studies. We talked about the parable of the lost son and Jesus walking on water. We shared about what it would have been like for the father of the lost son and for the lost son to have the courage to come home. We talked about how trusting in Jesus, like Peter initially did, allows us to do things but then we focus on something else like Peter’s fear of the wind.

After the camp ended, we had some time of worship music and Michael Bass briefly shared his testimony. Some ways to be in prayer for us: 1) Kayne Andrews is speaking on Thursday at the worship service, 2) Paul Foss from Maryland is speaking Friday at the worship service, 3) the Dodgers team has mostly people who are new to baseball so they are having a hard time with general good team spirit and not getting discouraged, 4) Kayne Andrew’s team the Mariners is not opening up a lot in Bible studies – there are several youth who are being quieter, 5) continued good weather, 6) there have been some minor injuries and I saw one girl who wasn’t able to put weight on one leg today – that we will continue to not have any major injuries, 7) continued openness during the Bible studies and worship services. Attached are pictures of the Aggies (my team) and Longhorns (Dave Roelke’s team). 

Aurich - Wednesday

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