Meet the Players: Romania Trip Job Pool Team

Published June 2, 2011 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

Church, I’d like to introduce you to your Romania Trip Team! 

Below are some of our enviable skills and talents (or just stuff we’re willing to do to raise funds for our trip)!

Please note that our skillz are not limited to those listed below, so if you think of something else, just ask.

ALSO: We can all, collectively, or in some combination of parts, be hired to play music for your next rad party, wedding, or get-together of any kind.

Dane Romania Work Team Bio Dane “The Boss Man” Daniels Special Skills: Music lessons, (guitar/drums/voice) Yard work
Abbey Daniels Abbey “The Mama (Meaning I Will Hold Passports And Make Reservations And Watch Out For The Younger Kids And No That Is Not A Hint Of Any Kind)” Daniels Special Skills: House sitting, Administrative (data entry, editing)
Tyler Mowry Tyler “Renaissance Man” Mowry Special Skills: Landscaping/Lawn care, Spanish/English translation, Tutoring, Moving, Babysitting, Washing vehicles of any kind, Cleaning pools, Administrative (data entry, editing), Painting
Amanda Niermann Amanda “Senorita” Niermann Special Skills: Tutoring (particularly Spanish), Painting, Cooking/catering, Making Niermann (TM (well, kind of)) Cookies
Lauren Shirley Lauren “RadioShack” Shirley Special Skills: Tutoring, Yard work
Ariel Johnson Ariel “The Voice” Johnson Special Skills: Babysitting, House sitting
KJ Roelke KJ “The Sound” Roelke Special Skills: Guitar lessons, Babysitting, Tutoring, Tech support




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