Missions Week 2014

Missions Week 2014 will be from Sunday, February 16 to Sunday, February 23. Our theme is Reaching our own Backyard, and we’ll be talking about ways to engage the various internationals and people groups who we can reach without every going overseas. 

An important part of Missions Week is connecting with and supporting our missionaries. Throughout Missions Week, you will have the opportunity to submit questions to ask our missionaries. Many of them will be here with us on Sunday, February 23. We will offer a joint Sunday school in Fellowship Hall where our missionaries will have a panel discussion to explain their ministry and answer your questions at 9 a.m. We will have a potluck and prayer service that night at 6 p.m. to fellowship and spend some time praying over our missionaries and ministries. 

Missions Week is also the time we prayerfully submit our Faith Promise pledges for this year. Our missions budget is supported almost entirely by Faith Promise giving rather than the church budget. We support our missionaries by contributing to their monthly salaries through Faith Promise giving. Faith Promise giving is over and above what you tithe and give to the church budget. Pray and ask God what he would have you give this year to support missions. You may not have the funds right now, but pray and trust God to provide the resources for you to give. You can give a scheduled amount on a regular basis, like you would tithe, or you can respond at different times throughout the year as God provides resources for you to give. Everyone can participate in Faith Promise – kids, youth, and adults. Begin praying about how God wants you to give this year. 

We’re excited about how God is moving overseas and right here in our own backyard. Join us for Missions Week and find out more about what He’s doing and how we can be involved!

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