Colombia Mission Check-In

From Wednesday, March 16

Today our team went to “Belen” a drop in center for girls most of whom are daughters of prostitutes. They were able to share the gospel and share with them it was a great time! Please pray for Zach and Kim who both became sick tonight.

Today was another great day! Rudy woke up much better! Now Zach has a fever and Kim is sick so please pray for them! God is doing amazing things and His glory is being revealed as the gospel is being shared wit the street kids of Bogota!

From Tuesday, March 15

Great day today! Awesome stories! I will give big updates when home access is very limited! Please pray for Rudy who has come down with a fever.


From Monday, March 14

Full day working at the “jungle” the drop in center! Everyone is doing ok Robyn had a migrainetoday so pray for her but other than that everyone is doing well.


From Sunday, March 13

We have finished our first day in Colombia! Everyone is healthy and it was an amazing day! We gave out150 cross salvation necklaces a to homeless street kids. Did some work at the jungle and spent the afternoon at the farm!

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