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Published March 3, 2010 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

Below is a letter I translated from the Agudelos in Colombia.

I hope everyone is planning to come to the Missions Potluck tonight to have some updates and wonderful prayer time for our missionaries!

“Hello! Brothers and friends

At the beginning of 2010 we received a word that impacted us, about how God wants to work in our lives in this new year, starting with our hearts.

 1 Samuel 10:6 Then the spirit of God will come over you with power and you will prophesy with them, and your heart will be moved and changed into a new person.

How good it is to know that God still has plans for us, it brings hope and at the same time is totally unnerving that he still brings new things to our family and although I know that everything won’t be easy, we have faith that God will not take us out of his hands and He will accomplish his purpose.

Ok, I will tell you a little of what we have been doing:

Something gratifying and that I am realizing this year, has to do with the area of education, I (Fernando) am serving full-time in the area of education of YWAM, there I am teaching Bible, values and philosophy to sixth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh grades, it has been an enriching experience or at least one that has taught me that education is one of the three elements that brings liberty to a nation.

Furthermore I have been commissioned to be a part of the Coexist Committee of the school, where i have been named chaplain, this has opened up the countryside to action well I am not just to make acquaintenances, but that they have given me the possibility to disciple youths and to work toward a process of accompanying more teachers. It is not easy, but oh well I have taken the challenge.

 In the month of March they will be starting a parenting school and we are looking forward to it since for this year it has grown to a new level. It has been welcomed by the parents and at this time I am coming up with the curriculum for this new level.

In January, seminars on the fundamentals of family were started, with a workshop of cursing and blessing, for this new year the goal is to bring those seminars to the different churches and so to have a better advantage. We have found God’s favor since pastors from different congregations have been participating and have received the vision and now they want to extend the blessing to their churches, we are seeing the fruit and response of God after many years of prayer.

I want to take this opportunity to honor my wife who has been a great supporter in prayer and intercession so that I could accomplish all of this that has come my way, without her help and support I don’t think it would have been possible.

She, this year, is supporting the Light and Life School in a practical way, she is creating the menu and at the same time she is the one that buys the ingredients for the week. She does the same thing as well for the School of Compassion that will be starting their classes soon, she and the team are expectant that it will be a school where there will be representation from different countries.

Furthermore she is helping with the accounting for Formando Vidas, taking care of some of the details to finalize the accounting for 2009. She seems content to me that what she is doing agrees with her, she is good at service and administration.

At the same time she continues helping the ministry of Faith and Hope, which Rubi Faride directs in the San Luis district, her responsibility is to take care of the accounting and to help with the administrative part.

Something that my wife takes care of with a lot of responsibility and passion is her calling to the family, I can see it in her dedication to our daughters and to me as her husband. The word is true when it says that the wise woman builds her home, that it is a blessing to see a woman, mother, and wife as dedicated to carrying out her calling.

Our daughters have started at a new school. Maria Camila is in eighth grade and Angie Daniela is in sixth grade in the Light to the Nations school.

As parents we are joyful to watch them grow, although nostalgic since they have changed, but they are not little kids any more, but have been acquiring maturity and now don’t have as much dependence on us, I can see them assuming their duties and commitments with responsibility. How the time flies!

Johana this year has gone to live on her own, assuming new responsibilities and challenges. Initially we were worried, but now we are convinced that it is in God’s timing for her and with that perspective we have let her go with a blessing.

She actually is continuing to study, something that she proposed doing and she is now doing it responsibly. To see her now in this new phase we can understand something of how much has changed in Johana’s life.

As an interesting fact, Johana has been more intimate and confident and although she decided to go out on her own, she is part of our family and we love her.

Also as a family we are helping with the formation of a community (church) that counts on spiritual development of a church in England and where some missionaries have been sent to be pastors.

Writing this letter, I ask myself: how is it that we are able to do this?

Please help us pray for:

– Guidance and direction from God in every one of the responsibilities that we are taking on.

– For wisdom in the instruction of our daughters and Johana in this new phase of our lives.

– For the health of Daniela and Camila’s eyes, because the miopia is not getting better.

– That God would continue to open avenues of financial provision and so would cover our costs and commitments.

– That God would send us a new anointing and refresh our current calling.


Finally we want to thank you for the support that we have had through your prayers and supportive thoughts that have been a great blessing to our family. With love,

Agudelo Terrios Family




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