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Published August 12, 2009 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

August 12, 2009

Hello family and friends.

Summer is almost over and we have been enjoying the warmth that it brings to Minnesota. We have a lot to share with you since our last newsletter. First, please know we appreciate the time that you take to read this letter. We are so blessed to be able to share with you what the Lord is doing in our lives, and in the YWAM Ministry that you are a part of.

This first half of the year has been very busy for us at YWAM-Minneapolis. We sent three teams on missions: the first to Colombia, another to the Amazon region of Peru, and the third to Ecuador. In the most recent Discipleship Training School, we had 8 students, including two from Korea and one from Spain.

The YWAM-Minneapolis campus is prepared for summer Mission Adventures teams. This summer, we are hosting 20 youth groups, and sending them to minister in the South Dakota Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Panama, Minneapolis, and Galveston, Texas, and Haiti.

Rebeca has taken over the management of our large, commercial-style kitchen, cooking for 38 people most days of the week, and 150 a day when we have youth groups on campus. She is now a Minnesota Licensed Kitchen Manager. Rebeca prepares the menu, orders the food, and trains staff and students on her team. She wants to provide excellent food service to all of the YWAM-Minneapolis staff and students. Rebeca knows how hard it is on outreach missions, and she wants to bless the staff and students with tasty, high-quality nutrition while they are studying and doing practical work here.

John is continuing development of energy-saving strategies to be used on YWAM bases around the world. As YWAM reduces utility bills, it gives more money to our primary mission of taking the Gospel to the nations. Here, our current goal is to reduce energy cost by an additional $30,000 to $40,000 or 33% a year. I believe that the Lord has given me special skills in energy-use efficiency. I am working to make our campus a model, where my team and I can help other YWAM campuses achieve the same efficiencies. I really want to see it happen: Increasing YWAM resources to share Jesus’ love, making disciples of the Nations according to the Great Commission.

We would like to share something special with you. Rebeca’s mother died in Tedzidz, Mexico at the end of December. Her mom had been living for the last 10 years with liver disease. The doctors attributed the problem to her lack of nutrients while carrying and birthing 11 children. Due to the lack of correct food, and lack of education about health matters, it is a common problem in the little towns of Mexico like Tedzidz. On December 15, 2008, the call came that it was looking like Rebeca’s mother was in her final hours. We got right to work at trying to get Rebeca down there. Due to the coming Christmas holiday, it proved impossible – all flights were full. We got a call on December 16th that Rebeca’s mother had been calling for Rebeca all night, saying she really wanted to see Rebeca before she died. Rebeca talked to the doctor later that day, and he told Rebeca the end was just hours away: Mama had slipped into a coma. Rebeca called every few hours to see how things were going.

When Rebeca called the next morning to check in, she got some incredible news. Mom was up and eating, she told everyone that she was not going yet!!! Rebeca listened as her brother told her what had happened the night before. He said he had been up all night praying with Mama. He did not know everything that was going on, but he continued to pray in the Spirit all night for his mom. He did not know the significance of what he was praying until his mother woke up, and told him “where” she had been. She said she had been to the entry of Heaven where she saw 2 very tall people with the most beautiful faces she had ever seen. One of the “people” spoke to her and told her to wait. He said, “We are not sure we are ready for you yet, we may send you back.” And, as she looked through the “Gate” she saw a lot of people in white robes around a person sitting in a huge chair. Mother was told by one of the men at the gate that the person on the throne wanted to speak with her. Then, she saw herself in front of the chair; He spoke to her and said, “Today is not your day, but your time is very near. I want you to go back to your house and testify to your family, your church, your town, and everyone who has ears to hear, I am the Lord God, and that I am Real. Give testimony of what you have seen. Tell them I can make the sick well; I can raise the dead. Now go!”

Rebeca’s mother never saw the face of the One on the throne; she only saw a very bright light. His voice was sweet and loud at the same time, and very pleasant to the ears. Rebeca’s mother was also told that soon would be her time, and when the Lord calls the next time, it will be quick and painless.

Rebeca’s mother enjoyed 5 more days of life. She spent that time preaching on the front porch of her house, in her church, and spoke to each of her children one at a time. She spoke with Rebeca for hours at a time on the phone, and also enjoyed just sitting close with Rebeca’s father. Rebeca’s siblings told her it was like Mom and Dad were dating. After this, many people became Christians, and were encouraged by the amazing testimony. She showed many that God is real, and he is waiting for us to finish our race well.

On December 22, 2008 at 2pm mother sat down for her final time and asked if Rebeca had made it yet. She was told, “No mother, Rebeca is not able to make it.” She said: “Very well, it is time for me to go. They are coming for me. I will see you there! Can you see them?” At that she closed her eyes and was gone.

Rebeca’s mother is now with the Lord.

Please keep us in your prayers, especially for Rebeca, who is still processing this huge loss, knowing we will all see each other in Heaven again. Praise the Mighty Name of JESUS!!!!

Maria Antonia Ku Cel 1935-2008

John and Rebeca
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