Virtual Mission Trip: Indonesia

Published March 4, 2021 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

Welcome to Indonesia…virtually, that is!

No one is visiting Indonesia right now (thanks, COVID) so we thought we’d send some ways to experience Indonesia from the comfort of your own home. Keep scrolling and click a few links to get a feel for the music, culture, and history of this diverse nation. As you learn more about this country, pray for its people and those who are called to live there to spread the hope of Jesus!


Tens of thousands of tropical coastline miles hem in the world’s largest archipelagic state of Indonesia. With over 17,000 islands separating the Indian Ocean from the Pacific, Indonesia and its people are as numerous as the islands themselves, and it stands as the fourth most populous country in the world. Unity proves to be a constant challenge as over 722 languages are spoken and people are scattered across 6,000 islands varying in composition from rural fishing villages to highly metropolitan mega cities. Keep reading…

Pray for Indonesia
  • Pray for Christians to boldly demonstrate and proclaim the grace and salvation of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for peace and protection for believers amid growing Islamic momentum and expansion.
  • Pray for entire families to put their faith in Jesus Christ.
  • The area where our friends live currently has really severe flooding – and it’s only about halfway through the rainy season. Pray for opportunities for our friends to help with relief and rebuilding efforts, and for God to reveal Himself to the people during this difficult time.

Glimpses of Daily Life [Video] 

See what life is like in the area of Indonesia where our friends live. This playlist highlights six different individuals in two-minute video segments.

Beef Rendang Recipe 

Beef rendang is one of the original cuisines of Minangkabau descent and Sumatra’s culture. It is served at special occasions to honor guests and during festive seasons. It is a delicious Indonesian dish… (Keep reading) 

Leather Shadow Puppets [Video] 

This is one of the world’s oldest continuous storytelling forms. Check out this two-minute video on how they are made and used.

Music [Video] 

Hear a traditional Indonesian medley (12 minute video)

Movies from Indonesia

These movies are not Christian movies; they are included as a way to show more about Indonesian culture. Please read reviews and view trailers prior to watching to make sure they are appropriate for your family.

Aruna & Her Palate (Netflix) 
An epidemiologist turns her nationwide bird flu investigation into a chance to sample local delicacies en route, with three friends along for the ride.


Crazy Awesome Teachers (Netflix)                                                                     Cemara’s Family (Netflix) 

When staff salaries get stolen at his school, a                                      After bankruptcy, a well-off, urban family must
reluctant new substitute teacher sets out to                                               adapt to a new life in a remote village.
recover the money and discovers the joys of
                   teaching in this comedy.

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