Gifted to Serve!

Published February 25, 2021 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

Gifted to Serve!
Sarah Herron, Interim Children’s Pastor

Hi, I’m Sarah, and I’m the interim children’s pastor. For my whole life I’ve always had a way with children. I grew up as a preacher’s kid, and being a preacher is not a “cool” job. So when I went to college at UT, I tried to run away from all of that. But my plans just weren’t happening, and my parents had me do the aptitude thing, and it was counseling or teaching or ministry. So I majored in education, but after teaching in the classroom in several different settings for several years, I did not want to be stuck in just one classroom. I love teaching and I loved my kids, but something was missing.

Then I tried owning my own business where I worked with kids on basketball skills and academics. I thought I’ll get to go around multiple places, I’ll be doing basketball and academics, and I’ll make more money. But it became clear it wasn’t where God wanted me. I was still trying to run in the opposite direction. I finally came to terms with that and decided to sell my business and look for part-time ministry jobs. I went to interview for a different job, and they told me the Children’s Director had just resigned. I had been volunteering with kids at the church and had no idea this was coming. But I had already told God I would walk through whatever door He opened, so that’s how I got into children’s ministry at our old church.

In 2014, our family moved to Carrollton, and I started volunteering with First Kids. The children’s ministry at First Methodist Carrollton has been amazing for a really long time. I’ve been so impressed with the foundation my kids have received and how much of the Bible they know – and that’s because of Cindy J and her incredible team. I’m really grateful for Cindy J, and I know that there are some big shoes to fill. For the next few months, I’m excited to step in and help our kids have a really fun summer while continuing to grow closer to Jesus. And I’m excited for whoever God is bringing to us as the next Children’s Pastor and how I can continue to volunteer with kids for years to come. I always want to serve the church in this capacity because I know that God has gifted me in a way to serve his youngest followers.


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