It’s Baseball Time in Germany!

Published March 1, 2022 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

Dabney Grewe

Hi! I’m Dabney, and the Germany baseball camps have been a huge part of our family’s story. My husband Ludger came to Christ many years ago through the baseball camps, and it’s how we met! First Methodist Carrollton has been involved in Baseball Camps in Aurich, Germany, since 2008. Because of COVID, we haven’t been unable to participate in person the last two summers, but the Germans continued to have Zoom gatherings with previous camp participants. The baseball camps are an opportunity to partner with local churches and do relational ministry. We use baseball to reach out to youth and their families. Jesus is shown during the camp in ways that include Bible studies and personal testimonies. Seeds are planted and watered, year after year.

Germany is a country where it typically takes a while for an individual to be introduced to Jesus and make a decision to become a Christian. It’s through these relationships that we are able to water seeds and help disciple people in their Christian faith. This is not a trip where you have to be good at sports or good at baseball. It is a trip where you want to show Jesus to others.

This summer, the dates for the trip are July 14-24, 2022. Even though it will be May before we know if COVID will allow us to go, we want to find out who has interest in the trip. Currently, airline ticket prices are approximately $2000. (The prices may change between now and May when we would book tickets.) For your safety, travel insurance will be required and participants must be fully vaccinated for COVID. There may be funds for some assistance with the trip cost from the ongoing fundraising that has been done. If you’re interested or would like more information, let me know by March 27.

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