Kingdom Business

Published March 2, 2015 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

The birth of Jesus was kingdom business…

The life of Jesus was kingdom business…

The death of Jesus was kingdom business…

The resurrection of Jesus was the pinnacle of kingdom business…

The pastoral staff called our congregation to prayer…to pray about the hurts and needs in our world; to pray about the ministries of our church and how they are accomplishing the mission of God in this place; and in this month, to pray about how God wants to use you through these ministries or in new ministries in order to accomplish the work of the Kingdom of God through us.

We have been praying about kingdom business…even as we have been sharing a journey to the cross in this season of Lent. I have a question. Have you been praying “extreme prayers,” the kind of prayers that Greg Pruett describes in his book? 

“…desperation is pretty much the starting place for extreme prayer every time.” (Extreme Prayer, p. XVII)  On page XVI, Greg had already written that effective prayer starts from a humble position of crying out to Jesus.  In fact, all good prayer begins from a position of weakness.

Continue to pray—recognize our need, even our desperation to hear from God. Without a word from God, we cannot effectively accomplish the Kingdom business God is calling us to. Let us humbly continue to seek God’s direction. It will lead us to an experience of new life, even Resurrection!

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