Summer Days

Published May 28, 2014 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

“There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven.” – Ecclesiastes 3:1 NASB. 

There are times in my life when the wisdom found in the wisdom literature of the Scriptures doesn’t seem to ring true… but as I have grown through the years, I have observed that the truth of this Scripture has been proven over and over again through my life experiences and the life experiences of others.

I think that “summer days” are an appointed time in the culture we share. Summer days offer us a break from the hectic pace of busyness that the school year challenges us with. It is a time to take the opportunity to slow down, to spend more quality time with loved ones, to take a staycation or a vacation so that your body, mind, and soul can be renewed, rested, and refreshed. These days can help us balance our lives if we will just plan not to be over planned! If we use these days creatively, then our job with life can be replenished and our energy for life can be renewed. 

So here’s wishing all of you a special summer days experience that renews you completely!

Summer blessings,


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