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Published August 6, 2021 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

Dennis Muller

Hi, I’m Dennis, and Emotionally Healthy Spirituality was life-changing for me. When I initially heard about the course from others who had gone through it, I decided to take the course based on my respect for them. I didn’t really have a clear understanding of what the course was about, but I felt the need to mature in my relationship with God. I was in a place where I felt like I had a good rhythm of daily prayers and quiet time, but there was something missing. I had a sense that I wasn’t living up to the potential God intended for me.

From the first session I knew that it was nothing like I was expecting, and I was both excited and apprehensive. I knew I would be challenged by the reflection and introspection sections of the course, but that’s part of what it takes to truly understand who you are and how God sees you. And understanding those two things are only way that you can have a truly open and honest relationship with God. We all have things that we bury or build walls around so we don’t have to face them. The course helps you face these things and truly become free from their bondage. 

I learned so much through this course I consider it to be my most valuable investment. The only regret that I have is that I did not take this 30 years ago. I look back at all the struggles and think “If I only had the tools then that I do now…” I have experienced the most growth in my roles as a father and husband. This course has helped me improve as a leader and role model both at home and at work. I would highly recommend this course for any man, regardless of age. I am able to apply aspects of this course to every area of my life!

There are so many ways that this course can change a person both spiritually and emotionally I can confidently say there is no way, if you honestly commit yourself to the course, that you can walk away and not be better for the journey. I usually prefer to stay behind the scenes, but EHS impacted me so much, I volunteered to be a table leader for the next course, Emotionally Healthy Relationships. Sign up now and join me in the journey!

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