The Ministry of Eggs

Published November 18, 2021 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

Susanna Copeland

Hi I’m Susanna and I’ve come to be known by some of the First Kids as the Egg lady, because I bring the boiled eggs on most Sunday mornings. I was asked why I started bringing the eggs, so I thought I’d share it with you. I first got the idea when I visited my sister’s church in Houston and saw that they had boiled eggs available alongside the donuts at their coffee hour, and I thought it was a great idea! It provides a healthy option and lets the fellowship hour be accessible to people who have dietary restrictions such as celiacs, diabetes, and more. I have heard from several people since I started bringing the eggs that they didn’t know about them for several months because they had taken to avoiding fellowship hour to remove the temptation of the donuts, and now they come in and grab an egg and chat!

I really started bringing the eggs to our church after I saw that Dianna Bass had brought plain boiled eggs to a breakfast potluck because they’re allergy friendly to nearly everyone. Having worked in the kitchen on Wednesdays, I knew there were several people in our church family who would appreciate the option.

It turned out to be excellent timing, because a few months later I became pregnant and my availability to volunteer in other capacities at church became limited. I love that I have found a way I can serve from home with an inexpensive but meaningful offering.

This week is giving week, and it’s a great time to think about what might you be able to give to the Lord beyond financial offerings? What are you uniquely equipped for, passionate about that you can share, or available to add to our church body? Everyone has something they can share, even if it’s as small as an egg.

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