We’re a sending church!

Published February 11, 2021 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

We’re a sending church!
Lindy Thomas

Hi! I’m Lindy Thomas, and I’m the chair of the Missions Committee. I hope you got a chance to hear from some of our missionaries and our guest speakers last Sunday, but if not, you’ll have another chance this Sunday. Missions Week is something we do every year to highlight what God is doing all around the world, and also to help us reconnect with the people God has called us to support and send out as an extension of our church body.

We still believe God calls believers to relocate to unreached areas of the world to share the good news of Jesus. As a sending church, we get to partner with God to empower missionaries with finances, prayer, emotional support and connection, and in other practical ways.

We do this through our Faith Promise giving. Faith Promise giving is not a tithe or capital campaign pledge. It pays the salaries of our missionaries and contributes to the projects God calls us to support.

Our missionaries live “by faith” – they trust God to provide their resources as His people give. Similarly, Faith Promise is giving by faith. Each person or family should ask God how much He would like them to give, and then trust God in faith to provide the resources to give. This can happen in a variety of ways.

  • Faith Promise giving can be budgeted and given on a regular basis, just like you would tithe.
  • Faith Promise giving can come from being intentionally sacrificial – giving funds that would be used for entertainment or extras.
  • Faith Promise can also involve trusting God to provide the resources in unexpected ways throughout the year.


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