What Are You Excited About?

Published September 3, 2014 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

As September arrives, I am excited about signs of new life emerging at First Church! Plans and ideas for future ministries and ongoing ministries are bubbling up around our church. For me personally, I am excited about three upcoming projects that I am leading.

First, I am excited about teaching Disciple Bible Study in a new format that we will be participating in as a “beta test.” This study will be shorter, lasting 24 weeks, with a class that meets for 75 minutes on Wednesday evenings. It will include reading half the Bible in those 24 weeks with the goal of transforming lives into a deeper relationship with Jesus through the study of scriptures. Maybe you could be excited about being part of that? OR…

Maybe you can join my excitement about my preaching series every other month beginning in September that will be called, “I Love to Tell the Stories.” During those months, I will be preaching the stories in Scripture and sharing how those stories can be used to teach our children and to reach out to others in our world as a part of our faith story to share. 

Or perhaps you might get excited to learn more about “What Makes a Methodist?” This is a class that I am developing for the Sunday School hour that will last for three weeks and will serve as a primer for those interested in learning more about the Methodist expression of Christian living. I plan to teach that class for three weeks in October.

I am excited about these three ventures in my ministry! What are you excited about doing this fall?

Fall Blessings,


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