What Does Your Report Card Say?

Published October 30, 2014 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

Remember those pesky report cards that came to your parents every 6 weeks? Our school age children are about to receive their second report card of the year. That report grades their progress in their studies and tells them and their parents how they are doing. It is a time that causes some anxiety for many, if not most, students that we know.

If you found out that God was about to send you a “stewardship report card” on your life, how would you feel? A little anxious about your grades? Maybe anxious that God expected more of you than you thought? Perhaps you did well in some subjects, but not so well in others.

What subjects would you expect to receive grades in? Prayers? Presence? Gifts? Service? Witness? What might the criteria be that would be the basis for your grade? 

Prayer – How often do I pray? For how long? Am I doing most of the talking? Am I listening to God? Are my prayers mostly about me or my immediate loved ones? 

Presence – Just showing up? Worth something… but was I really “into” the moment; engaged with heart and mind; ready to receive and respond to God’s will? 

Gifts – Am I giving enough? Do I give joyfully? Am I looking for ways to give my non-monetary gifts for God’s purposes? Am I giving enough of my time to God? 

Service – Am I available? Do I joyfully serve? Where I am needed most or where I enjoy it most? Do I choose how I serve, or do I serve where God needs me to serve?

Witness – Am I willing to witness? Am I looking for opportunities? Does my heart respond to the cries of the lost? Have people noticed my faith by the actions I take or the words I speak?

God is gracious and loving… praise God! I am sure glad that God doesn’t keep grades and send out reports… does He?

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