Will You Finish the Journey?

Published March 27, 2014 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

On March 5 we began our Lenten journey, 40 days plus Sundays, traveling the road of preparation toward the joyful experience of Easter morning. Each day is another opportunity to examine ourselves with the purpose of renewing our relationship to Christ… by discovering unrealized sin in our lives, confessing it to Jesus and turning away from those idols in our lives that prevent us from living the abundant life that God wants for us. Many of us have committed to the Conference goal of fasting one meal per week and giving the money saved for ministries to eradicate poverty in our Conference area. Our journey is half over as I write this letter to you…

This journey will conclude with Holy Week, beginning with Palm Sunday, April 13, and ending on Holy Saturday, April 19. During this week, we remember the last week of the earthly and physical life of Jesus, the most incredible week in the entire history of humanity that makes Easter Day a reality. This week is the pivotal week in our journey, even as it was for Jesus and his earthly journey. Each day is significant… Jesus, at the moment of His death, cried out: “It is finished!” He had completed His journey! Will you?

Each day of Holy Week, I will post a devotional on our website about that last week of the earthly life of Jesus. We will worship together on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, remembering those last days of Jesus’ mission and early journey. I don’t believe that Easter can ever be fully experienced without the renewed experience of Holy Week, and I don’t believe that a Lenten journey can be fully experienced unless it includes a strong emphasis on that week’s events in the life of Jesus.

So, will you finish? Will you prepare your personal calendar to prioritize Holy Week? Will you follow the daily devotional thoughts and scriptures? Will you worship Palm Sunday? Maundy Thursday? Good Friday? Easter Sunday? Will you make this week holy, the #1 thing in your life each day? If you do, then YOU WILL FINISH! You WILL EXPERIENCE EASTER!

Lenten blessings,


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