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Published January 9, 2021 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

Dear friends,

The events of the past few days in Washington D.C. have highlighted the growing division in our nation. As one national leader stated this week, “The State of the Union is fragile.” Public leaders from every ideological, as well as Christian, perspective have weighed in with their own version of condemnation and blame. In some cases, their words have fueled the flames of division.

As I write this, I want to be clear, there is no place or excuse for violence. Further, the terrible actions that took place in Washington D.C. on Wednesday have nothing to do with Jesus. Jesus was a peacemaker who said, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God.”

So what shall we do as the Church? No doubt, there are differing opinions about what we should do or say, even within our own church. Therefore, I call on First Methodist Carrollton to make Sunday, January 10 a day of prayer.

Some of our members may want to include fasting from food or certain activities as we pray. Others may include setting aside certain hours during the day to stop, seek a place of silence, and focus on hearing God’s direction. Or others may want to join with a group of family and/or friends to pray together, interceding for our nation. No matter how we approach this day of prayer, let us all pray for God’s guidance and direction. May God led to us to the places where God is working and where God is calling First Methodist Carrollton.

In my sermon, I will be addressing the living waters that Jesus promises to all those who come to Him and believe. Further, I will go the words of Paul in Romans 8:28-32, where the scriptures promise, “All things work for good for who love God and are called to God’s purposes.”

As followers of Christ, now is not the time for fear, anxiety, or wild theories of the terrible days to come. We are the people of hope in times of trouble. We are the people of victory when it seems all is lost. Because we are the people of the resurrection of Jesus.

Our God is always at work to bring something glorious out of the broken ways of humanity. Our God is bigger than the events of our day, and in this knowledge, we are confident.

May God use First Methodist Carrollton in the days to come to be an instrument of peace, hope, reconciliation, and healing.

Pastor John Allen

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