Stories of Spirit Power

Published June 23, 2015 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

The stories of the power released by the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts cause us to read with awe and amazement as we understand the incredible power that God gave to believers and to His church! We marvel at the various ways that power was released then, even as we seek to experience that power in our world today. It is clear that God’s power was unleashed in unique ways through the apostles so that the Church would be given birth in an undeniable fashion. I hope that you are reading through Acts as we journey through it during June and July. Each week a Spirit story will be shared and its relevance for the Church of today will be examined.

The Spirit is revealed in many ways in Acts. It seems that the sheer power from the Spirit is constantly experienced in miraculous manifestations that affect daily living, even life and death issues. The Spirit is also very visible in the work of transformation in the lives of believers, resulting in extreme measures of great trust in God as witnessed by the bold actions of those first followers of Jesus. We also witness the Spirit’s power within relationships of the people of God, uniting them to be of one mind and heart, living together as the Body of Christ. As we continue to read, you will find examples of the Spirit guiding the actions and decisions of the Apostles as they shared the gospel throughout their world.

Acts is a fascinating account of the spread of the gospel as the Spirit continued to breathe life and faith into those first followers of Jesus. Read with an open heart; the Spirit is still speaking today…

Pentecostal blessings,

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