Which Team Are You On?

Published August 31, 2015 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

Did you know that ministry teams have replaced a lot of “committees” at our church? We made that switch in several program areas of ministry back in 2014, although we will use the committee model for administrative work. Committees are best for managing the ongoing support of the program ministries of the church because their function is to perform certain tasks on behalf of the governing body. The work of a ministry team is directed toward a more limited and specific goal; teams are task oriented. Teams concentrate on doing something more than talking or on deciding something. Many younger adults prefer being part of a team rather than a committee for just that simple reason.

The nominating committee will soon begin working on the formation of next year’s ministry teams. Perhaps doing rather than deciding something appeals to many of you. If so, you are a potential team member for the ministries of our church. We just need to know your name and the ministry areas that interest you!

Now is the time to begin to pray about “what you will do” for Jesus and His Church in 2016. If you begin praying now, you will know where God is calling you for action at Frist Church. When those “Ministry Service Opportunities” come to you in October, you will be ready to share with the church where God is leading you to serve.

Are you willing to pray? Are you willing to serve? Will you share God’s calling to you with your church? If so, 2016 will be a great year for you and the ministry of First Church…



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