Praying Together in 2022

Published October 4, 2022 by KJ Roelke in 

Hi there! It’s KJ, your Communications Director. I’m thrilled to be writing about this feature that the team at Nucleus just dropped—Prayer. Now, I know what you’re thinking. I can feel it as I write this post.

“KJ,” you say condescendingly, “Nucleus didn’t invent prayer.”

I’ll admit, you’re right. But they did create the little web tool that will help bring us together in the digital age. Let me break down why I think it’s so great (and how it could be even better in-person).

It’s Simple

First off, this little Next Step launcher floating in the bottom-right corner of your screen is super simple to use. You can get started really quickly, too.

It’s Safe

Prayers are often deeply personal, and it is an act of trust to bring them up publically. I know that there are a lot of people who can’t stand having to sign up for another thing (and having to remember yet another password), but this time, I think it’s pretty important.

I searched “people hate creating accounts” and these were the related searches.

Because prayers have the potential to be deeply personal, you don’t want to share that with just anyone. That’s why Nucleus made a whole login feature. Search engines, spam bots and random users can’t just go looking through these prayers. Each account has to be manually approved before they can see others prayers—kind of like how you typically look at who’s in the room before deciding if you want to speak up or not.

It’s Communal in a Digital Age

So why go through the hassle of signing up? It’s a means of connection. The internet makes the world feel small, but it also makes us lonely. This happens because it changes our perspective. There’s a thought experiment by an English philosopher if you want to read more about this, but basically, everyone is looking at the same thing (the internet) and no one is looking to the left or right. The cross goes both ways, though, so how can we leverage this tool to look horizontally?

When we share our prayers,

Praying together

Easily, one of the most unique features about this little tool is the “focus mode” for prayer, called “PrayerTime.”

This screen is available once you’ve created an account

The focus mode takes over the whole browser screen and centers on the prayer. It would be a great tool for an in-person group to go through those shared prayers during their meeting and lift them up together.

Focus mode strips away distractions (and personal data)

I’m not saying you have to use it, but as we move forward and the world continues to change, I am saying this tool presents a cool way to leverage this particular moment in time (October 2022 to whenever you read this) to be a connected community physically and digitally.

If that excites you or even piques your curiosity—what are you waiting for? Give it a go! Tap the “Next Steps” button floating right there at the bottom of your screen!

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