Seat Belt Evangelism

Evangelism? I never considered that I was doing evangelism! I just invited my kid’s friends and the friends of my friends to join the children’s activities on Wednesday nights. My kids like coming and I am a volunteer teacher/small group leader in First Kids. The other teachers laughingly call my minivan the “Paula Bus” because I load up kids from First Kids and END Zone and take them home each week.  

So, maybe, evangelism is simply sharing the good stuff we know and have here at First Methodist Carrollton with those we encounter through our week. Offering to take someone (or their kids) to church isn’t as scary as we sometimes make it out to be, and it gets easier every time you talk about it. Evangelism doesn’t have to be a huge audacious thing; it can be as simple as a conversation offering the use of your extra seat belts. 

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