We’re changing the world!

Two-and-a-half-year-old Chantal’s big brown eyes opened wide as we presented her with a doll house almost as tall as her. Her excitement was contagious as all our hearts were warmed by the sight.

This holiday season, as in past years, our church provided for Christmas gifts for the children and parents who participate in the Sidewalk Bible School ministry. We want to thank all our church body, especially those that sponsored individual SBS children and families. Your gifts brought smiles from the children and especially the parents. More importantly, we were able to share the love of Christ with these sweet families. The hugs that were shared with us warmed our hearts and spirits, and we share those with you.

Sidewalk is a ministry to children of the community. It is led by caring adults who want to see Jesus brought to all people of the world. “Our world” just happens to be in South Carrollton with Hispanic children!

We meet once a week in the outdoors with the children. We play games, sing, and share Bible stories. We learn about the children and let them learn from us. Some days it is warm and other days it is cool, but either way, we get to tell others about Jesus! What better way could you spend a Saturday morning?

Sidewalk Bible School could be your world to go and tell others about Jesus. You might be the only one that gets to minister to a child. Wow! If you’re interested in helping with Sidewalk Bible School, let me know!

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