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Published December 5, 2017 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

The destiny that ties me with the First Methodist Church started from March 2017, when my friend Jinyu, a continuing guest of the church, took me to the Sunday worship. I was so touched by the worship music and very friendly and lovely people there. Then they invited me to English Conversation Hour, which gives me a really happy experience and helps me improve my English greatly.

I had more permanent partners during that period, so we had a long time to know more about each other and make friends. Sally Miller, who was an ESL teacher, did a great job at helping me with English. We keep in touch very often and love each other so much. I really enjoy talking with Sarah Bales, who is very interested in Chinese culture, about everything of China. I always feel she understands me because she knows much about my country. It’s also a way of nostalgia. Mary Beth Goodrich, a professor of UT Dallas, helped me a lot with my application to master program of UT Dallas. I will never forget the recommendation letter she wrote for my application. In summary, I got my language improved, social circle enlarged, even my future changed. 
The first time when my husband Qian, who had some misunderstanding about Christians, went to church for English Conversation Hour, he looked uncomfortable at the beginning. But you can tell from his excited face that how much passion he has for joining this event now. He even wakes me up every Sunday morning to stop us from being late for worship. The special attraction from this church is making a stubborn and not open-minded man change his opinions about Christians, church, and Christianity. 

Most time I saw people laugh a lot during the conversation. Recently I also saw people cried and hugged by their partners. It’s such a beautiful scene that it starts from learning English and ends with opening hearts and sharing love.

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