Baseball Camp Day 5

Published July 31, 2016 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

Friday was a good day at the baseball camp. We played three tournament games plus the championship game. Overall the weather was cooler. During the last game that was played we had some rain and had to take a couple of rain breaks. The championship game started later to do to a rain delay. The Diamondbacks and the A’s played with the Diamondbacks winning. After the championship game ended, we had the barbecue followed by the worship service. During the worship service one of the people from Maryland shared a testimony and we gave out awards. From talking with the other leaders yesterday, this was definitely an awesome camp. There are several youth that are asking questions and are several that made decisions to accept Christ. Some different leaders were able to share their testimonies individually with some of the youth. That is an awesome thing. 

We only had one Bible study time on Friday; the second time in the afternoon that would normally be at Bible study was just to talk about some things with our team, exchange contact information, or sign T-shirts. 

During this week I also had a chance to talk with the pastor of one of our partner churches here. He shared some about how the baseball camp has helped with uniting some the churches together in town and how the baseball camp has a very good reputation with the people in town. Our partner churches here have very good reputations and good partnerships with people from the mayor, to the newspaper, to other organizations, and churches in town. 

It’s amazing to see how God can work through playing baseball! 


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