England Update 2

Published March 14, 2011 by First Methodist Carrollton in 


This morning we visited two local schools. The first one was the school where Rev. Sean Adair’s wife, Allison teaches and is also the vice principal. This is a Church of England school with evangelical leadership so we were able to share a lot about Jesus.

We started in the year 5 and 6 (our 4th and 5th grades) classroom. Our kids had prepared questions to start our conversation….What do you know about America? What do you know about Texas? We talked about words that were different in our countries (i.e. trunk vs. boot, chips vs. fries, trousers vs. pants). Next we taught them some Texas words like “howdy, fixin’ and fessin’. We then moved to what our kids do in their spare time. This is where they talked about how important church was to them. 

We then moved into an assembly area and did our readers’ theatre of the book “The Sunflower Parable.” We ended our time teaching them a song called “I’ve Got Joy.” The children then asked us questions. We had a grand time together.

After we left Allison’s school, we set out for the public school. We decided we wouldn’t change anything for this school and our time together went well. This time we started with the assembly and then moved into the year 6 classroom. The children asked a lot of good questions. We decided that was because we did the assembly first. They loved our song. It was a big hit! The song is about having joy in your heart when you know Jesus. At the end of our time, a little boy asked “Can we do the song again?” We did! This time they really sang out. Our prayer is that this song with burn in them a desire to seek Jesus so they can truly have the joy that we sang about.

After lunch, we gave a program for the Ladies group at Central Church. The kids shared testimonies that were definitely of the Lord. It was amazing to see.

Tonight we have the night off as we are going to the mall and the cinema.

We have been feed very well and the ladies love to fuss over the kids! It has been such a great start to our week.

More tomorrow!

Blessings, Dana

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