Responses from October Night of Worship

During the Night of Worship in October, we had a time of praying for our church and listening for what God would say to us as a church in this time. Here are some of the responses people shared with us: 

  • We love our selfishness, please may we love the world the way you do. May the world see your love and truth. Not a false view of love. Speak forgiveness over us Lord. Let us forgive one another as you forgive us. Remove the veil of judgement from our eyes and thoughts, replace it with empathy. Call to us and call others to us.
  • Father God, where do we go from here? We are your church. Show us your will and we will follow. 
  • May you provide our church with a pastor that fits.
  • May we remain united in your love. 
  • Dear Jesus, I ask that we as a congregation would fall in love with you. That we would embrace all that the Holy Spirit has for us. That we would walk like you, talk like you, and Love like you. That we would be so connected to you as “The Vine”, that the river of life would flow through us to a dying and thirsty world. That you would transform the community we live in, that your kingdom will come.
  • Speak to us. Be our God, and we will be your people.
  • Call our world to yourself through us. Use us, mold us, O God. 
  • Grant our church the calmness and peace of Christ as we face an uncertain future.
  • Give us the strength to be vulnerable together as a church. Knit us together as a community so we can be a witness to our neighbors when they see us, may they see your mercy!
  • Draw us closer to you, Lord. Make us seekers of YOU as we learn to trust you more. Knit us together as a strong group of believers weathering the storm and searching for you. I pray strength and steadfastness from our leadership as they provide wisdom, guidance and leadership. May they always seek Christ first.
  • Clarify, Order, Priorities.
  • I surrender fear of the future. Anchor our church community in You. Hold us close and help us to continue spreading the Good News of your love in every neighborhood.
  • I pray for your will to be done and your kingdom to come in each of our lives and to us as your body. Be glorified, Father, in our lives. Help our unbelief and replace our fear with trust in you.
  • Teach us to be holy as you are holy. Help us to see your holiness and stand in awe of you. Holy Spirit move.

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