What’s Next? A Note from Dianna Bass

Published January 31, 2023 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

Church family,

Sunday was great! Thank you so much to everyone that baked, cleaned, prepared, and shared! The fellowship around the tables at lunch was a blessing, and the spirit of community was evident as we moved to the worship center to discuss the church’s future. 

I want to thank Nathan Griffin, Katy Kiser, Reverend Cindy Palmer, and Lindy Thomas for joining me on the information panel as we presented the potential organizational and theological options for First Methodist Carrollton. 

The presentation included discussion on:

  • Joining current established Wesleyan denominations and why these are not appropriate for us at this time.
  • The “independent or non-denominational” option was discussed including the potential impact on our pastors and the complexity of pastoral transition. 
  • The Global Methodist Church was discussed. It was noted that the GMC has been several years in development and was launched as a conservative, traditional option for churches like FMC. 

Both during and after the presentations, there was a positive and open exchange of questions, thoughts and suggestions.  

After the discussion, we took a quick straw poll. The first question was whether people were ready to vote next Sunday, February 5, after worship. A strong majority of 96.4% indicated they are ready to vote.  The second question was whether the person voting would vote to affiliate with the GMC or go independent.  A similar 92.8% indicated they would vote to affiliate with the GMC.  

We started our discussion with about 144 people and some had to leave before the poll was taken.  We had a total of 111 cards returned.

Following the all-church meeting, the Church Council met to review the feedback from the meeting and the results of the “straw vote.” The Church Council affirmed the “straw vote” by affirming the previously called all-church vote after worship on February 5, 2023, to affiliate with the Global Methodist Church. The specific motion for the vote on Sunday will be:

“I move that First United Methodist Church of Carrollton become a member congregation of the Global Methodist Church, that it affirms and endorses the doctrinal standards (Part One), Social Witness (Part Two), and church governance of the Global Methodist Church as set forth in its Transitional Book of Doctrines and Discipline, and agrees to be accountable to such standards, witness, and governance. Our leadership and trustees are authorized to take all actions necessary to implement this motion.”

I encourage you to take the time to review the Global Methodist Church’s Transitional Book of Doctrines and Discipline!

If I can help as you prepare for this vote, feel free to email me.  I will also be at the church dinner Wednesday and in Fellowship Hall during donut time Sunday, (and may bring some friends ;).  and I would be happy to visit with you!

You are my church family, and I appreciate you!


Dianna Bass
Church Council Chair

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