Why Does Life Change?

Published April 30, 2015 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

Texas weather is always interesting. If you have lived in Texas very long, you know that in a day weather can change from very pleasant temperatures to ice and snow. The recent rain is filling the lakes and giving life to the land. We are now enjoying spring like weather (for about 3 days) before we launch into summer (for the next 6 months).

Just as God orders our lives with seasons in nature, so He also establishes our lives with different seasons at different times. Anyone going through grief may feel like they are very much in a winter season, and those in a time of great joy may feel that spring will last forever. And yet it does not. Even as there is seedtime and harvest, so the God who watches over us walks with us in the various seasons of our lives.

The seasons we deal with are not so much about the number of years we have spent on this earth, but the circumstances we face. It is the same for churches and businesses. If there is life there is change. There are seasons of growth and seasons of loss or setbacks. Despite the circumstances, God is faithful regardless of the situation. Our job is to discern what He is saying, and act accordingly.

It is my strong conviction that First United Methodist Church Carrollton is on the verge of something great. In our season of prayer in the first part of the year we spent much time seeking God for guidance in many situations. Now in this time prior to Pentecost, we look forward to what God is doing in our midst. We are preparing for ways to reach our neighborhood with fun events that will bring people to our campus. Right now we are being supportive of families at Sheffield Elementary by purchasing clothing and books to help children have what they need for school. Special events are scheduled for the summer to reach those who drive by our church on a daily basis.

The disciples went through tremendous change from the days prior to the crucifixion to the resurrection and then Pentecost.  Once the understood God’s plan, their world was truly changed. In this season for the church, for our church, may we seek God’s direction and empowering as we reach those near and far with the gospel.

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