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Giving from the heart is a part of every Christian’s life. When joining this congregation, members vow to support the church by their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. Each of these vows is important to the life of the church and the individual making the promises. The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others inside and outside the church is reason to celebrate in each of these areas of giving. A gift given out of generosity or obedience will make a difference in the lives of people locally and throughout the world.


God provides for First Methodist Carrollton through the tithes and gifts of the people in response to God’s blessing in their lives.


The Finance Committee, elected annually from the church membership, is charged with oversight of the budget and expenditure of all church funds, carrying out the ministries and priorities of the Church Council, the highest elected body within the congregation. Any member of the congregation may receive a copy of the annual budget or the latest financial report upon written request to the business office. Contact .


Statements are provided periodically throughout the year (and at year’s end for tax purposes) to those who make financial gifts by check, envelope, or online giving. If questions arise about gifts given, please contact the finance director, Jenn Magill in the church office at 469.568.1240 or email .

First Methodist Carrollton offers a variety of easy ways to give financially. 


Offering envelopes are always available at the back of the sanctuary and in the church office for donations. Checks should be made payable to First Methodist Carrollton or FMC. Envelopes may be put in the giving stations during the services or mailed directly to the church.


If you utilize the online banking function through your personal bank, you can use the Online Bill Pay option. Most of these programs are extremely user friendly. Please be sure to list the donation preference (tithe, missions, bldg. fund, etc.) in the memo section of your check (one check per fund). If you have questions about using the Online Bill Pay, please don’t hesitate to contact your bank.


This option has been set up with our bank to provide you with a convenient way to contribute a one-time gift or to schedule recurring gifts to be transferred directly from your bank account. This method will also allow you to designate your payment to one or more ministries. Simply print and complete the ACH Debit Transactions form to begin scheduling your contributions.  

We ask that you print the form and either deliver or mail it to the church office for privacy purposes.



We use SecureGive to process debit, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover cards to make a gift to the budget, building fund, or missions.

The debit/credit card option for donations is provided for your convenience and not as a means to promote or encourage debt. When paying by credit card, please do so in a responsible way. Also keep in mind that the church incurs a fee of 2.2% on all donations paid through PayPal by credit/debit cards and almost 3% through SecureGive.

YEAR-END GIFTS—Year-end gifts provide a special opportunity to support First Church ministries. According to IRS regulations, all gifts must be received in the church office before midnight on December 31, or must be postmarked before the end of December, to be deducted in the current tax year. (The date written on checks does not determine the tax year in which the gift is recorded.) For further information about year-end gift possibilities, contact the church office at 469.568.1240 or contact Jenn Magill at

STOCKS & MUTUAL FUNDS—Stocks and mutual funds may be given directly to the church. Securities that have been held for more than one year may enable the donor to deduct the full fair market value of the securities and avoid payment of any capital gain tax. If the securities are sold first and the proceeds given to the church, the donor will have to pay capital gain taxes to the IRS By planning ahead, donors can take full advantage of the tax benefits allowed by the government. Because tax laws change, it is imperative donors contact their personal accountants for current information and assistance.

PERSONAL PROPERTY (Gifts-in-kind)—Equipment and furniture are sometimes given to the church. All gifts-in-kind must be approved by the church’s Board of Trustees. Donors are sometimes directed to ministries other than First Methodist Carrollton, where the gifts-in-kind may be better utilized.

REAL ESTATE—Real estate may sometimes be given to the Church. Such gifts must be approved by the church’s Board of Trustees. The same tax benefits as giving appreciated securities apply to real estate. If the property has been held for more than one year, the donor can usually take an income tax deduction for the full fair market value and avoid capital gain tax on the appreciated portion of the property. It is possible that other benefits would include savings in estate taxes and avoiding probate. Tax laws change, so donors should contact their personal accountant for current information and assistance.

LIFE INSURANCE—Insurance policies can benefit the church in some circumstances. If the original purpose of a life insurance policy no longer exists, a donor can make the church the owner and beneficiary of the policy and the donor would receive a tax deduction. The deduction would be immediate, and the amount of the contribution would typically be the replacement value or cost basis of the policy. Because tax laws change, donors should contact their accountant for current information and assistance.

GIFT ANNUITIES—Donors receive an immediate tax deduction on irrevocable gifts to the church through the use of gift annuities, while receiving fixed income payments from their gift for the rest of their life. Because tax laws change, donors should contact their accountant for current information and assistance.

WILLS, BEQUESTS & ESTATE PLANNING—Wills and estate plans can provide charitable gifts to First Methodist Carrollton, a 501(c) (3) organization. Such gifts may enable the donor to steer clear of estate taxes. A donor’s personal lawyer should be consulted to be sure accurate information is provided about the church’s specific name and address. The church office should also be notified if it is already included in a will or estate plan. Retirement plans will be considered part of an estate at death, but can also be deductible from the estate as a charitable gift, if correct planning has been completed. Because tax laws change, donors should contact their accountant and lawyer for current information and assistance.

MATCHING GIFTS—Payroll deductions and other gifts are sometimes matched by businesses, which allow their employees to make charitable gifts to 501(c) (3) organizations. Because the church is recognized by the I.R.S. as a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c) (3), donors should contact their company’s human resource, payroll, or matching gift departments to see if this option exists and to check for restrictions placed on those gifts or deductions. Because tax laws change, donors should contact their accountant for current information and assistance.

First Methodist Carrollton welcomes designated giving for approved projects or ministries. These special gifts may include missions, capital improvements, building projects, Sunday School donations, memorial funds, and others. Questions may be directed to Jenn Magill in the church office at 469.568.1240 or email


Designated gifts for missions go to missions projects, Christian organizations, and to an approved list of missionaries throughout the world.


First Methodist Carrollton has two buildings. 2201 E. Hebron Pkwy. is the location of the sanctuary, church offices, Fellowship Hall, a kitchen, and classrooms for children, youth, adults, and First Methodist Preschool. 2205 E. Hebron Pkwy. is the Education Building. Contributions to the building fund will reduce the mortgages on these buildings and the property on which the buildings stand.


Caring ministries is an emergency fund for both non-members and members.   The fund is supported by special gifts as well as the proceeds from the sale of gift cards. This fund is made available to support serious financial emergencies. Contact Cindy Palmer for more information.